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@ AGPTS we pride ourselves on the intergration of our residents into the surronding communities with constant reassurance, love, care and protection! Some residents are independent enough to engage in activities completely on their own, including taking a bus to the location....they choose and find the activities individually.

In general, we all engage 'workshop' activities which are limited to free or low cost. Our residents enjoy walking through the mall, free concerts in the park, going to church if they (or their guardian desire), walking through the park. 

Additionally, some residents go to a program outside the home for part of the day (5 days/week)..either a workshop, daycare, or typical job. They do housework (either with assistance or independently), watch TV, Listen to music, do their grocery shopping, go to doctors appointments...after work. 


We sponsor activities such as parties, holiday celebrations and team outings as well!





AGPTS is a company built on the strength of its people. We look for individuals with a passion for excellence, who will help make us better and who will bring our clients exceptional care and compassion every day (Contact us today to apply).


Click the "Apply Today" tab to Print, Fill & Sign an employment application.  Feel free to email or fax then call to verify receipt.  



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